An Interactive Combination of the Planet’s Most Popular Party Games

What is GoatDangle!?

GoatDangle! is a flip-cup & quarters game that combines FIVE of the best classic party games into one hilariously spirited family-fun event (21+ rules are included too though!)

Just 3 Simple Rules:  Flip the Cup. Roll the Dice. Bounce the Quarter.

Learn to PLay

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How do I Win?

After one player has made five successful “GD One-Flips”, the points are tallied and the highest score wins!

Start The Game With a Flip

Place one cup (aka, Flippy McFlipperson) upright with about 1/3 hanging over the edge of the table. This allows enough room to use a finger to flip the cup onto one of the pegs.

Position GD Board about 3 inches from the edge of the table

Pro Tip: Your flips will be more successful if it only does a 180 degree turn and doesn’t make a full rotation!

Remember:  Landing Flippy on a peg is called the GoatDangle One-Flip (GD One-Flip).

Easy enough, right?  Keep in mind that achieving FIVE of these immediately ends the game.

If you Make The Flip


Become one with the logo, my young GoatDangler!  Because it’s the name of the game, everyone celebrates a successful GD One-Flip by literally “doing the logo and head-banging”.

If this doesn’t warm up the party we aren’t sure what will!

A GD Battlecry is performed when a player makes a GD One-Flip or successfully completes the Sacred Tri-Goat

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After the Battlecry, the flipper chooses someone to roll the dice and complete the action it lands on. Some of these actions include: Making Goofy Rules, Playing Pong, Group Socials, Thumb Master and more! 

If you Miss The Flip


Redemption shot!  You’ll have one chance to bounce Mr. George (a quarter) into the Dangle Dugout. 

Before your attempt, you’ll need to wager 1 – 3 points. Make it to get double your wager….miss it and you’ll lose your wager because your parents never taught you how to properly bounce a quarter! 

Pro Tip: Increase your odds of making the Dangle for Double by holding the quarter parallel to the table and bounce it at a 17.6 degree angle towards the Dugout.

After the Flip/Roll or Bounce

On To The Next!

Regardless of the outcome after the dice is rolled or the quarter bounce is attempted, your turn is over….pass the board to the next player so they can give it a shot!

GoatDangle! is totally customizable

The rules don’t HAVE to be followed exactly…make more/less flips or play to a certain point number to end the game, allow yourself more chances to make the flip, etc.  Do whatever is best for your group, we don’t care!

Also, there are a few alternate versions of the game you can play with the same board (or two)….the 21+ version of the main game, 1-on-1, and different team games.  And remember, you’ll need AT LEAST TWO copies of the game to be able to play the team versions (which is why the 2-pack is the most popular package), so make sure to get enough copies for what you’ll be wanting to play!

Happy Dangling!

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